Luke McClellan, PGA

Director of Instruction

Improve your game with golf lessons with Luke McClellan, Chechessee Creek Club’s Director of Instruction. Prior to becoming the director of instruction, Luke played in events around the United States and Canada during 2015-2020 on the Mackenzie Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, and mini-tours. Playing at a professional level has not only helped him to advance his performance but also to observe and study the game being played at a high level by others. These experiences drove Luke to expand his knowledge of the game from all angles. 

Over the past eight years, Luke worked to become a dynamic athlete through extensive golf training, fitness, and nutrition. Luke studied under the tutelage of Chris Como. He started sharing his knowledge to help his fellow friends on tour and decided to pursue being an instructor full-time.


In-Person Lessons

Incorporate Luke’s professional expertise into your game through in-person coaching at Chechessee Creek Club. Luke utilizes the latest teaching technology, fitness, and nutrition; and will help you improve and develop your:

  • Short game: Learn how to navigate a variety of situations on the golf course, selecting the right clubs, thought process and proper technique
  • Iron play: Improve your swing mechanics, shot shaping, and target selection
  • Driver: Increasing swing speed is a hot topic in golf these days. Learn ways to seriously improve your swing speed through simple strength and conditioning exercises, correct body rotation, and more.
  • Putting: Speed control and green reading
  • Course management: Learn how to manage your time on the course, improve getting the most out of your golf game strategy (both physically and mentally), and goals setting.

Luke will show you how to take your game from the driving range to the golf course, and he will help you improve your score through on-course coaching and evaluation. You will see swift improvements by utilizing state-of-the-art swing analysis using FlightScope, V1 Pressure Mat, and SportsBox AI 3D technology. You will receive a personalized practice plan tailored to your game.

Sportsbox AI

Sportsbox AI provides real-time corrective feedback to help you achieve your goals in sports and fitness. Using 2D and 3D models to analyze over 30 key points on your body, club, and ball, this technology accurately detects comprehensive joints and body segments in motion without any markers from a single video. Click here for an informative article about Sportsbox AI and how it can help improve your golf game through detailed swing analysis.

V1 Pressure Mat

Every movement in the golf swing starts with the ground. The V1 Pressure Mat uses state-of-the-art sensor fabric to measure ground pressure in the golf swing and displays it in the V1 Pro software into data points that are essential to understanding how a golfer moves. During your routine setup and swing, the pressure mat will capture everything about your movement, see how you and your swing interact with the ground, and easily diagnose problems within your swing by utilizing real-time data to drastically improve your game. 

Virtual Lessons

Virtual lessons can be used like traditional in-person lessons to make improvements, or as check-ins to ensure that you are maintaining the gains that we’ve already worked on this year. All you need to do is film a face-on and down-the-line video of your swing with a brief description of ball flight and your goals for your swing.
The swing analysis will include a voice-over detailing the positive parts of the swing and what areas need improvement. Luke will also provide drills to reinforce the changes that you will be making in the swing for you to work on independently in between lessons. 

Club Fitting

Maximize your game through a custom fitting from Luke for clubs from Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade, XXIO and PXG.


To schedule lessons or a club fitting, complete the form below, or contact Luke McClellan at 803-767-6654 or [email protected]
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