It's Our Privilege To Have You As A Guest

Chechessee Creek Club exists to give every member and guest a safe and comfortable respite from the concerns of daily life. Experiencing Chechessee as a guest means being afforded the same high level of impeccable service and hospitality as our Members. Please review our guest policies below that we observe at the club to enhance your golf experience.  


  • The Golf Shop is conveniently located in the Clubhouse. Green fees will be applied to the Member’s account or Guests may use cash, check or credit card for any purchases. 
  • Caddies are to be paid in cash at the completion of the day’s round.
  • The use of metal spikes on the golf course is prohibited.

Cell Phone Policy

  • Cell phones for voice communication are only to be used in the locker rooms and outside on the Clubhouse porches.
  • The Clubhouse offers complimentary WiFi to our Members and guests. Text messages and emails are acceptable if the device is on silent mode.
  • Violations of this policy by Members or guests may result in suspension of a Member's Club privileges.

Proper Dress 

Chechessee Creek Club's dress code is intended to ensure a pleasant and dignified atmosphere in which to enjoy the facilities and services of the Club. An integral part of this policy is the expectation that Members, their families and guests will always be neatly attired. Recognizing that a dress code cannot reasonably be expected to identify all forms of acceptable and unacceptable attire, Chechessee Creek Club's dress code establishes minimum standards that apply to all facilities and activities. 

Compliance with the dress code by family and guests is the responsibility of the Member. In addition, Chechessee Creek Club management and staff have been charged with monitoring compliance, both in fact and in spirit. In stances of differing opinions, Members will be expected to abide by management's interpretation. Please help us avoid any inconvenience or embarassment by strictly adhering to the letter and spirit of the dress code. 

Golf Attire:

  • ​Men: Proper attire includes slacks or golf length shorts and collared shirts tucked in. 
  • Women: Proper attire includes slacks, skirts, golf-length shorts and shirts with or without a collar. 

Dining Room Attire:

  • Men: Proper attire includes slacks or jeans. Shirts must be tucked in at all times in the Clubhouse unless tailored for outside wear. Loafers or dress leather sandals (no plastic/pool flip-flops).
  • Women: Proper attire includes slacks, dresses, skirts and dress or designer jeans. Shirts must be tucked in at all times in the Clubhouse unless tailored for outside wear. Athletic shoes or plastic/pool flip-flops are not permitted.

*Jeans can be black, white, khaki or dark blue in color. No faded or washed out colors. No holes, stains, letters or labels.

Smoking Policy 

Smoking is permitted only on the golf course, on open grass areas or on Clubhouse patios and porches. Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse or in the Lodge or Cottages.

Alcohol Policy 

Chechessee Creek Club is the registered owner of beer, wine, and alcohol licenses from South Carolina. Due to inherent legal liabilities and responsibilities associated with these licenses, only alcohol purchased at Chechessee Creek Club is permitted on the golf course and club common spaces. Consuming alcohol not purchased from Chechessee Creek Club is prohibited in those areas. One exception, which is allowed by law, will be corking fees for wine brought on site.
The legal age to possess, purchase or consume alcohol is 21 years and older in South Carolina and underage drinking is not allowed. 

Caddies Code of Conduct – Alcohol is Prohibited

Our caddie program is one of the things that makes Chechessee Creek Club special. We all value the expertise and personalities they bring to our golf experience and believe they enhance our time at the club. In order to keep the program top-level, we ask that you not provide alcohol to your caddie. Any caddie that partakes in drinking and/or is intoxicated is a violation of our workplace procedures.
This policy is to protect the safety of caddies, members, and guests alike. It is against club policy for members and/or their guests to provide alcohol to caddies.  If an issue involving a caddie and alcohol arises, please contact Josh Pulaski at 843-987-1616 or [email protected] so this issue can be addressed. 

Weapons Policy

To ensure that Chechessee Creek Club maintains a safe and free of violence environment for all members, staff, and guests, the club prohibits the possession or use of firearms and dangerous weapons. A license to carry a weapon (including concealable weapons), does not supersede this club policy. All firearms and dangerous weapons are to be always kept in a locked vehicle while on Chechessee Creek Club property. Chechessee Creek Club may refuse or deny any accommodations, facilities, or privileges to a person whom club management reasonably believes is bringing in firearms or dangerous weapons and may eject such a person from the property. 

Enjoy your time at Chechessee Creek Club.